Wednesday, December 28, 2005

Trying to blog again.

I know, I know! It's been MONTHS since I've posted anything. To those two or three people who read this, I apologize. In all honesty, I forgot that I had the damn thing. But on to more interesting things.

I continue my search to meet intersting and new people. To that end, I have decided to find myself a community theater where I can hone my skills as a mediocre actress. I high school, I was quite the thespian and now I really miss it. In other personal betterment news, I have also decided to find myself a flute teacher and take up playing again. Another mediocre skill of mine that I enjoyed and now miss. I was talking to my mom about how AVERAGE I find myself. That there is nothing that I'm TRULY amazing at. She reminded me that I'm a great sister, daughter and friend. While those are all great things, I'm talking about basic talent. Looking back, I can't find ANYTHING that I've truly excelled at. That doesn't mean that I haven't enjoyed what I've done, just that I have never excelled at any of it. So, I will push forward in my quest to find my hidden talent!

I am also happy to report that I will be moving in with two very EXCELLENT people on December 31. Claire and Angie have both graciously offered me a room in their home and I have graciously taken it. I'm very excited to be living a great home with great people and fully intend to have a great time (while cutting back on my use of the word great).

Have I babbled on enough yet? I think so, and so bid you all a fond farewell. I'll meander at you again soon. Well, at least sooner than last time.