Saturday, June 05, 2010

Focus People!

Or rather, "focus ASHLEY!" That's right, I admit it, I have been so lost in my own little world lately. Barely keeping up with what needs doing that I'm fearful of losing my job. Not only that, but my lack of focus has begun to effect other things. For instance the HSKS 10 swap that I'm a member of. I got everything done (for the most part), have done the homework (always at the last minute) and got my kit out, but I have NOT been the good little swap participant that I usually am. Everything has been JUST enough and that makes me very sad. It also makes me realize that I think I need to stop doing swaps until I can be more focused.

So back to my lack of focus. How can I get it back? I remember that when I was really good at what I do it was when I created daily to-do lists. I sadly let myself get out of that habit and now am paying the price. So, this one thing I promise myself - I start/end everyday with a to-do list. Ok... I'm feeling better already!