Saturday, December 19, 2009

Winnie's Final Clue

Winnie has sent Wisty and Siobhan one final clue. It's a box with the item that she's been hunting down this entire time. The only bit that was seen by Olive giving a clue to what was inside was a piece of paper with a series of numbers on it.

5 Words: 6, 9, 5, 3, 6
Ok, so throughout all of Winnie's letters, certain letters have been highlighted. My guess is to take these letters and arrange them into five different words. These are the letters we have to work with.
The first word I see is QUIDDITCH. It's nine letters long and the whole reason we're for this round of HSKS.
Next, I see WORLD. A five letter word that goes well with QUIDDITCH. That leaves us with:
Now it gets a little harder. Lets try the three letter word first. Thinking back to The Goblet of Fire makes me think it might be CUP. This leaves these letters:
Ok, so now we have QUIDDITCH WORLD CUP. Now I'm kind of stuck again. Time to seek some help from those who are good with anagrams and word problems. My grandma!
Yes! Grandma came through for me again! She sees STOLEN and TROPHY as the last two words. So what is the five word phrase for what is in the box from Winnie? The item she's been off searching all term?!
Wow! What an adventure and great find! Way to go Winnie!

My Kit Came!

Long before the snows arrived to the DC area, Clara Clovenhoof's owl dropped off my fabulous package. I kept waiting for time and good light to take some pictures, but those two things just didn't want to come together. So, Clara, I apologize for not photographing your lovely kit to it's true potential.

First we have a lovely little notions box (which I've been trying to find myself!) that tells me to "Look Inside!"

Inside were GREAT stitch markers. Really lovely!

Next, some "Jingles for the wrist!"

This has to be my fave part. House socks in Pride colors. They are definitely "keeping my feet warm!" today as the blizzard comes down!

Some great washcloths (also in Pride colors). One has a star (our symbol) and one has a 7 (my number). She's so clever!

"Something to keep my ears warm". The Bobble Headband

A cute little snitch and a star ornament.

GREAT slippers!

Yarn, needles and a pattern a day calendar.

Finally, knitting patterns for socks, a hat and gloves - all based on Cookie A's Pomatomous pattern.

Thank you so, so much, Clara! This kit definitely went so far above and beyond my expectations and I love ALL of it!